Shalimar Brookland Bailey CD TDIA

Bailey bone


January 26, 1995 ~ May 24, 2008

I will miss you ~ forever and a day.
Don’t cry for me when I am no longer here…I will be with you in all the seasons.
I will be the acorn under your shoes in the fall and the colored leaves you rake in piles.
I will be the snow angel the children make on snowy winter days                                                      and the sparks from the burning fireplace.

I will be the warm spring rain falling on your face and the buds on every tree.
I will be the shells you pick on summer beaches and footprints in the sand.
Don’t cry for me when I die…..                                                                                                          Because one night when you look up, you will see me in a million stars.

In March 2003 Bailey received his Therapy Dog International Active Working Title to recognize more than 50 hours working as a therapy dog.